Whether you need to be in multiple cities in one day, transport equipment, fly to a hard to reach destination or you simply want to travel on your own schedule, Tzell Travel works with our preferred partners to ensure that you get there safely and comfortably. We are available to arrange your charter flight so that you get the most out of your destination, with the least amount of stress.

Some of the many benefits to flying privately include:

Convenience: There are over thousands more airports that private planes can use which means you can often land closer to your true destination. By flying private you can bring liquids aboard as well travel with valuables such as instruments, sports gear and even your pet.

Flexibility: Planes can be called on short notice, routes can be adjusted on a whim and if you’re running late- no problem; the plane runs on your schedule not vice-versa.

Quality of Service: No more terrible airplane food. Private planes provide your preferred food and drinks that can be ordered ahead of time. They also boast luxury furnishings, plenty of space and individual attention.

Privacy: When flying privately you can hold meetings without the risk of being overheard. Relax or work to the peace and quiet without anyone looking over your shoulder or interrupting your concentration.