Businesspeople reviewing travel expense reports


Technology is changing the way people travel and the way travel programs are managed. Tzell believes blending the right amount of effective travel technology with personal service is the true ingredient to a success travel management program.

Technology to Protect and Serve your Travelers

Known by many as Tzell’s Duty of Care, Tzell is devoted to the safety and satisfaction of your travelers. We equip your travelers with everything they need to avoid trouble and delays on the road. Tzell clients have access to award winning technology like:

  • A Mobile App featuring real-time updates for gate changes, disruptions and severe weather/ events.
  • A Traveler dashboard which gives your company visibility into where your travelers are at every step of their trip
  • Pro-active re-booking and re-accommodation by Tzell Travel Advisors who are monitoring your itineraries as they happen

Technology to Protect and Serve your Income Statement

Tzell’s technology programs are designed to leverage your uniquely defined corporate Travel Policy to efficiently and effectively lower the cost of your travel program. You can see the effect of your Travel Policy as it is implemented across:

  • Integrated Online Booking and Expense Management
  • Comprehensive Program Reporting and Analysis
  • Traveler Purchasing Behavior